Making Homes Wildfire Resistant

And Insurable

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Are you struggling to get policies issued in areas adjacent to Very High Fire Severity Hazard zones?

In this webinar, Disaster Restoration veteran Tim Bauer and former Fire Captain Rich Snyder will present the latest technologies and steps homeowners can take to protect their homes against the most common forms of wildfire related damages. We also show you how Allied Disaster Defense is helping provide documentation and action to help homes get insured.

You do not want to miss this informational training if you have any clients inside of the Fire Hazard Zones.  


Wildfire behavior and fire science

  • Property Insurance and wildfire prevention requirements
  • What can a wildfire property risk assessments do for you
  • Recognize immediate structural and vegetative wildfire hazards
  • Home hardening fundamentals
  • Vegetation management
How to increase the structural survivability
  • What is Long Term Fire Retardant(LTR) / Phos-chek?
  • Why LTR is a crucial piece of wildfire prevention


Tim Bauer has spent nearly two decades serving ultra high net worth individuals, families and their trusted advisors to navigate water, fire and mold claims. In addition to directly working in the industry, he is a three time TEDx speaker and has spent hundreds of hours training and developing professionals in disaster restoration to teach best practices and customer experience for the world's most demanding customers.
Tim Bauer
Senior VP - Private Client Group @ Allied Restoration and Allied Disaster Defense
Captain Rich Snyder is a native to Southern California. He began his fire career in 1986 with the Sierra Madre Fire Department. In1990 Rich became a career Fire Prevention Specialist and has served as the City's Fire Marshal and Station Shift Captain since 1995. Rich holds State Certifications including Fire Investigator, Fire Protection Specialist, Fire Prevention Officer, Plans Examiner, and Wildfire Engine Boss among others. Throughout his career, he has served on many State and Local Wildland Code Development Committees and has responded to dozens of wildland fire incidents throughout the state of California as a Captain/Engine Boss. Rich was the first to successfully develop a unique ground application of Phos-Chek fire retardant, a program he’s utilized to protect the perimeter of the city of Pasadena’s iconic Rose Bowl and other wildfire-risk areas in the San Gabriel Valley, annually for the past 30 years.
Captain Rich Snyder
Wildfire Defense Specialist @ Allied Disaster Defense

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