Pilot Program for Insurance Carriers

Proactive Property Protection and Risk Mitigation

Discover a revolutionary approach to risk management, where the policyholder, take the reins of prevention. Our innovative collaboration invites you to co-create a customized pilot program tailored to your unique risk profile.

With expertise from former Fire Captains and Fire Marshalls, design a strategy to minimize your specific risks. This initiative transforms your customers into active partners in wildfire defense, strengthening relationships and showcasing your commitment to proactive risk management.

Together, let’s transition from traditional insurance models to a customer-centered disaster defense era. Join us in launching a new trajectory of resilience and growth. Welcome to the Risk Mitigation & Wildfire Prevention Pilot Program with Allied!

Launch Your Wildfire Prevention Pilot Program With Allied Disaster Defense

How the Pilot Program Works

Allied Disaster Defense is thrilled to present a novel approach towards protecting your client’s assets and significantly reducing your claims expenditure – our groundbreaking Wildfire Prevention Pilot Program.

This tailor-made program offers a comprehensive suite of wildfire defense services designed to add immense value to your client relationships and bolster your resilience against wildfires.


The innovative features of our program include:

PHOS-CHEK Application

Empower your clients with our scientifically proven wildfire retardant application, a vital step in proactive wildfire defense.

Discounted Rates for Policyholders

Drive client engagement and commitment with our discounted rates, exclusive to your policyholders.

Priority Access to Disaster Restoration Services

In the event of a disaster, your clients will have priority access to our top-tier restoration services.

Wildfire Risk Assessment

Leverage our in-depth knowledge, led by a team of former Fire Captains, Fire Marshalls, and Firefighters, to provide your clients with thorough wildfire risk evaluations.

Installation of Fire Pumps and Hoses

Clients can boost their preparedness by installing critical firefighting equipment on their properties.

Ember-Resistant Vents & Gutter Guards:

Enhance property resilience with ember-resistant vents and approved wildfire mesh, a practical solution to keep destructive embers at bay.

Fire Evacuation Routes

Enhance safety with bespoke evacuation plans tailored to each property, ensuring a clear exit strategy for policyholders.

Signage for Fire Department Visibility

Ensure effective emergency response with clearly visible signage, aiding fire department crews in quickly locating and accessing your clients' properties.

Wildfire Alerts and Notices:

Keep your clients in the loop with accurate, timely updates about potential wildfire threats provided by RedZone.

Our Partners and Affiliates

Reduced Rate of Claims

Our proactive defense approach is a comprehensive strategy designed to reduce the impact of wildfires and minimize damage. By deploying cutting-edge techniques and technologies, we can help reduce the number of claims and effectively manage risk. 

Maximize Retention

Offer a service that truly has value to your customers with a personalized and tailored white gloves level of service. Provide exceptional attention to details, unparalleled support, and go above and beyond for every single client.

CSAA Pilot Program

Experience the transformative power of partnership with Allied Disaster Defense and elevate your policyholder protection to new heights. We’ve achieved groundbreaking success with CSAA Insurance Group, providing their policyholders a unique advantage: a discounted rate on our PHOS-CHEK applications.

Join us in our tailor-made Pilot Program, specifically designed for the insurance industry:

  1. We work hand-in-hand to create a persuasive promotional campaign masterfully designed to intrigue and engage your policyholders.
  2. Once your policyholders show interest, we’ll manage everything: scheduling application dates, delivering top-tier services, and ensuring a seamless process.
  3. You’ll have full transparency into our efforts. We’ll provide regular updates, comprehensive take-on rate reports, and detailed documentation.

In addition, we’re committed to demonstrating the effectiveness of our collaborations. To this end, we’ll provide in-depth campaign results, offering insights into the campaign’s reach, impact, and return on investment. This data-driven approach will help inform future decisions, further optimize the process, and enhance policyholder satisfaction.

Join Allied Disaster Defense in going beyond traditional insurance offerings. Deliver not just coverage but proactive protection and peace of mind to your policyholders. Let’s revolutionize insurance together, making a lasting difference in policyholder safety.

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