Guard Your Home with the Power of Your Pool: Unveiling the Pool Pump Defense System

An additional layer of defense utilizing your pool

The Pool Pump System For Wildfires

Allied Disaster Defense is a firm that presents a unique and innovative approach to safeguarding homes from the ravages of wildfires, utilizing pre-existing assets such as swimming pools. The company understands the escalating intensity and frequency of wildfires and acknowledges the limitations of traditional firefighting resources. As a result, Allied Disaster Defense presents a dependable solution that operates independently of municipal water and electricity supplies, offering unparalleled protection against wildfires.

Affordable and Reliable

No Municipal Water or Power Needed

Maximum Protection

The services provided by Allied Disaster Defense include:

Effortless Installation: The equipment requires no specialist knowledge for setup, which can be completed in less than half an hour. The installation process meets or surpasses standards set by professional firefighting industries.

Expert Guidance: Allied Disaster Defense delivers professional instruction at your residence, with bespoke equipment, teaching you how to install and operate your system. They also grant complimentary access to instructional videos and advice on fire readiness.

Routine Maintenance: The company performs regular maintenance checks directly at your property, ensuring consistent protection. Certified inspections confirm that your equipment is always in optimal condition. Maintenance services like fuel refills, oil changes, and part replacements are included without any extra charges.

Comprehensive Property Protection: Allied Disaster Defense provides personalized configurations and equipment of fire department-grade quality to ensure coverage throughout your entire property. The water supply is comparable to a small fleet of fire trucks, and local fire stations are informed about the availability of equipment at your address.

Fire Pump 2

Reduce Wildfire Risks

Allied Disaster Defense was established by dedicated firefighters committed to safety. With over five decades of firefighting experience, they have safeguarded property valued at over $250M. The system they have developed has proven its effectiveness in real wildfire events and operates irrespective of municipal water or electricity.

Allied Disaster Defense straightforward three-step process:

Property Assessment

The team from Allied Disaster Defense will inspect your property, evaluate the risk of wildfires, and provide a plan to safeguard your home from wildfires.

Custom Evaluation

You will receive an evaluation of your property's defensibility against wildfires, and a custom system will be designed to deliver the most robust defense strategy.

Home Protection

Allied Disaster Defense transforms your swimming pool into a water reservoir that can combat wildfires in the vicinity of your property, hence protecting your home and loved ones.

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