Our Mission

At Allied Disaster Defense, our mission is to advance strategies that mitigate risks associated with property damage, ensuring their insurability and fostering greater resilience. We aim to create safer environments for properties and communities by implementing cutting-edge risk mitigation techniques. Our focus is on providing comprehensive training and guidance to our affiliates, empowering them to adopt proactive measures that safeguard against diverse hazards and disasters.

Core Values


Elevating community awareness by providing empowering wildfire prevention and safety training.


We protect lives and property by applying wildfire science and disaster prevention technology.


We are visionaries courageous enough to make a difference through collaboration, inspiring others to share their unique strengths to innovate and find science-based solutions to our wildfire challenges.


Understanding that our work has a long-lasting impact on building safer and stronger communities that save lives.


We are servant leaders who stand shoulder to shoulder to protect each other and the clients we serve.

Meet Our Risk Mitigation Experts

OP Almaraz

OP Almaraz

OP has been in the disaster restoration business for over 25 years, and now leads California in wildfire prevention solutions with Allied Disaster Defense. With all his experience, he wanted to shift the experience for the customers by preventing disasters before they occur. OP has witnessed properties get wiped out by natural disasters, but with his experience, prevention is the future.


Mike Thayer

Michael Thayer, a Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist formerly associated with AIG Private Client Group. Throughout his career, he has provided mitigation solutions to numerous homeowners and conducted wildfire mitigation CE training for hundreds of brokers and clients.
With thirteen years of experience as a wildland firefighter, actively responding to wildfires and safeguarding homes across the nation, his mission became clear: a dedication to educating the public about risk mitigation and wildfire hazards.
During his tenure with the esteemed insurance company AIG, he gained valuable insights into effectively managing the expectations of high-net-worth and occasionally demanding clients. This elevated service level has not only fostered the development of his expertise but also refined his communication skills to ensure an integrated client experience.
Tim Bauer

Tim Bauer

Tim’s vast knowledge in the disaster restoration industry, insurance industry and wildfire damage restoration helps lead Allied Disaster Defense with his brilliant solutions. With all his technical experience, he is now helping the celebrity and high net worth clients living in the wildfire hazard areas fight for coverage and take back control of their property. 

Rich Snyder

Rich Snyder

Captain Rich Snyder is a native to Southern California.  He began his fire career in 1986 with the Sierra Madre Fire Department. In1990 Rich became a career Fire Prevention Specialist and has served as the City’s Fire Marshal and Station Shift Captain since 1995. Rich holds State Certifications including Fire Investigator, Fire Protection Specialist, Fire Prevention Officer, Plans Examiner, and Wildfire Engine Boss among others. Throughout his career, he has served on many State and Local Wildland Code Development Committees and has responded to dozens of wildland fire incidents throughout the state of California as a Captain/Engine Boss.

Rich was the first to successfully develop a unique ground application of Phos-Chek fire retardant, a program he’s utilized to protect the perimeter of the city of Pasadena’s iconic Rose Bowl and other wildfire-risk areas in the San Gabriel Valley, annually for the past 30 years.  

April Inspect

April Schwartz

April is the operations manager of Allied Disaster Defense with her expertise drawn from her fire fighting experience. Her knowledge and expertise in wildfire prevention assisted many homeowners in getting certifications, insurance, and a peace of mind knowing their home is safe.


Stewart Barrios

Stewart runs the operations in the wildfire disaster recovery team. His knowledge with operations, cleaning and deodorization landed him in the wildfire prevention team and now leads the day to day operations. He got his start in the disaster restoration field and along with OP transitioned into prevention as he sees that as the solution to wildfire prevention.


Vincent Lu

Vincent runs the marketing and technology used for Allied Disaster Defense. His innovation and marketing knowledge helps get the word out for prevention and education in this growing disaster prevention industry.