Double your revenue by offering a government-subsidized service of wildfire defense solutions

The market for wildland firefighting is $10 billion dollars per year industry and growing 10% every year...

Our Partner Benefits

A Strong Network of Business Referring You Work

Our network of business relationships have more work than available bodies. We are looking for partners to take on the demand of work coming in.

Best in Class Training with Fire Prevention Experts

We are ready to train our partners from the ground up to become pioneers of the wildfire defense industry to lead their own territory. All partners and vendors are required to take our Wildfire Prevention Training Course to be certified with our network.

A Seat on the Table with Top Brands of Wildfire Defense Products

Our relationship with the top brands of wildfire defense products provides our network with exclusive seats on the table and access to the best fire prevention products in the industry.

Exclusive Territory For Each Partner in Our Network

Our network will have limited space for partners and territory they want to work in. Early pioneers will get their preferred territory prioritzed and build a stronger brand within the wildfire prevention industry.

Allied Disaster Defense is a Wildfire Prevention Network that provides continued opportunities to improve and grow through partnership, recognition and training.

Once activated, you will receive new referrals that come from insurance companies and consumers interested in Wildfire Defense Solutions and Application of PHOS-CHEK Fire Retardant. 

Assignments from Allied Disaster Defense provide the following benefits:

  • Earn quality job referrals that promote the growth of your business from our built network. 
  • Receive warmer prospect handoff from our established partnerships with top-tier businesses, including 5 of the top 10 US insurance providers.
  • Stand out from the competition with our network’s onboarding process and best in class training for wildfire defense solutions through our academy.

Membership also offers you the ability to:

  • Improve your business effectiveness by learning best practices from fellow network members and partners.
  • Get to know clients, vendors and peers from all across the country at our annual conference.
  • Help your bottom line by saving on materials/equipment/vehicles through relationships with our value-added partners within our network.
Become a Service Partner of Allied Disaster Defense and receive information on the Wildfire Prevention Training

Align with One of the Strongest Brand of Fire Retardant and Become a Leader in the Wildfire Prevention Industry

Phos-Chek Fire Retardant

Our Partners Learn How To:

Apply Long-Term Fire Retardant

We utilize the same Fire Retardants used to fight wildfires as the ones dropped in the Fire Department’s airplanes (without the red dye). This gold standard fire retardant is safe and effective to apply to vegetation.

Within our network by becoming a partner, you will gain access to PHOS-CHEK and learn how to apply this fire retardant at properties through ground application. Our partners will attend a live training and virtual training to become fire prevention experts.

Phoschek Application

Conduct Fire Risk Assessments

Performing on-site inspections at properties to provide a Fire Safety Report. These reports are essential to providing property owners with recommendations to keep their property safe from wildfires.

These reports will go over defensible space recommendations, home hardening services, vegetation management and application of long-term fire retardants. Our partners will get access to our built reporting system.

Fire Safety Report

Home Hardening Services

You will get access to our network of home hardening service providers that will open services for ember-resistant vents, materials, and expertise in fire prevention. Our new partners will have exclusive seats on the table with our network of product partners to get best pricing and service.

Fire Resistant home

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Become a Service Partner of Allied Disaster Defense and receive information on the Wildfire Prevention Training