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You will receive an email with custom recommendations and a request for an on-site wildfire risk inspection

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 Once you perform the recommendations on the wildfire risk assessment, you will qualify for a Wildfire Prepared Home and benefits

Start the Quiz

Take this quiz and get custom recommendations to qualify for a Wildfire Prepared Home

What is a Wildfire Prepared Home?

Wildfire Prepared Home was developed to help you protect your home from wildfire. The requirements are based on years of scientific research by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS).  Specific actions reduce the wildfire risk to your home and property. All the requirements must be met for your home to qualify. Once all actions are completed, you can then apply for a designation.

While designations are currently only available for single-family homes of three stories or less in California, the requirements are recommended for all homes to reduce wildfire risk. Eligibility for designation may be extended to other building types and locations in future versions of this standard.

Importantly, to ensure better protection against wildfire, the requirements of this standard are stringent. Therefore, it is not easy to earn a designation, and some homeowners may have to work with neighbor(s) to meet the requirements. Homeowners who do achieve a designation will reduce their risk and have better peace of mind when wildfire threatens.

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