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Annual Risk Prevention Services for
High-Net-Worth Clients:

Wildfire, Water Damage, and Earthquake

As a high-net-worth individual, safeguarding your family and valuable assets requires specialized risk prevention strategies. Our annual services ensure comprehensive risk management and protection. Below is an overview of wildfire, water damage, and earthquake prevention.

Initial Assessment and Planning

Customized Risk Management Plan

    • Wildfire Risk Management: Create a defensible space & home harding plan and apply fire-retardant treatments.
    • Water Damage Prevention: Install automatic water shut-off devices and sensors, maintain plumbing systems, and implement leak and flood protection measures.
    • Earthquake Risk Management: Secure valuable assets, establish emergency response protocols, and reinforce structural integrity.
    • HVAC Systems: Conduct regular inspections to minimize system failures.
    • Electrical Components: Conduct inspections to detect and address potential fire hazards.


3D Imagery: Capture detailed 3D imagery of the home’s interior, document all contents, and store this information securely in the cloud.

    • Optimal for detailed inventory management.
    • Enhances accuracy and efficiency in claims processing.

Drone Footage: Obtain comprehensive drone footage of the entire estate.

      • Provides an aerial view of the property for better risk assessment and planning.
      • Useful for vendors and insurance claims to verify property conditions before and after an event.

Coordination with Key Vendors

Art Conservators: Safeguard collections against fire, water, and earthquake damage; develop emergency response plans.

Wine Cellars: Protect wine collections from fire, water, and earthquake risks; develop emergency response plans and off-site storage.

Other Valuable Assets: Coordinate with relevant vendors to ensure comprehensive protection.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Comprehensive Emergency Plan: Develop and maintain detailed emergency response plans.

Family and Staff Training: Conduct training sessions on evacuation protocols, communication plans, and use of prevention equipment.

Evacuation for Pets and Horses: Develop evacuation plans, prepare transport options, and arrange temporary shelters.

We are available 24/7 for any property emergencies. We understand that disasters can strike anytime, and immediate response is crucial to mitigate damage and ensure safety.

Claims Support

Property Emergencies: Round-the-clock availability for property emergencies and immediate response to mitigate damages.

Assistance During Claims: Provide support during the claims process, manage documentation and inventory, and liaise with insurance companies.

Post-Incident Review: Conduct reviews to prevent future occurrences.

Benefits for Insurance Risk Managers and Their Clients

By partnering with Allied Disaster Defense, insurance risk managers can offer their ultra-high-net-worth clients unparalleled peace of mind. Our meticulous and tailored risk prevention strategies ensure comprehensive protection against wildfire, water damage, and earthquake risks, aligning with each client’s unique lifestyle and assets.

HomeShield Plus Membership benefits:

Wildfire Threaten Community

Holistic Disaster Prevention Plan

Our comprehensive plan is designed to safeguard your most valuable assets, ensuring you can minimize disruption to your lifestyle and business operations.


Concierge Service Plus:

Contact us for support with all your construction needs. Whether it's minor repairs or large-scale projects, our team of experts is here to assist you.


Exclusive 10% Discount:

Enjoy a 10% discount on all our services throughout the year, a feature that ensures considerable savings on future repairs or enhancements.

Our Comprehensive Home Health Check:

Our Services

At Allied Disaster Defense, our comprehensive prevention solutions are designed to mitigate the risks that high-net-worth clients face, ensuring the utmost protection for their valuable assets. Our services include strategies to reduce the impact of water damage, fire damage, wildfire threats, and vulnerabilities in plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC. We provide a tailored approach to safeguard your property, offering peace of mind and preserving your lifestyle.

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