Santa Clara FireSafe Council & Allied Disaster Defense: Wildfire Prevention and Home Hardening Pilot Program

Get Prepared Before the Wildfire Season!

Wildfire Prevention and Home Hardening Pilot Program With Allied Disaster Defense

Welcome to our joint initiative that focuses on increasing community resilience to wildfires. 

We’re offering a special 10% discount on all wildfire prevention services from Allied Disaster Defense. Services include:

Home Hardening Package

  • Measurement, order, and installation of gable/foundation vents, employing ember-resistant vents or the use of Wildfire Mesh.
  • Clearing of loose debris from gutters, reducing the potential fire fuel near your home.

Long-term Fire Retardant

  • Application of PHOS-CHEK fire retardant on vegetation, minimizing the risk of ember ignition and fire spread.

Insurance Documentation and Certification

  • Allied Disaster Defense will document all your wildfire prevention efforts.
  • You will be provided with a Certificate of Wildfire Prevention efforts, a valuable document that you can present to your insurance carrier at the time of renewal.

These efforts not only significantly improve your home’s resilience to wildfires but may also reduce your insurance premiums.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to make your home safer, especially during the wildfire season. Join us in our mission to protect our community and each other.

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Together, let’s make our community fire safe.

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