Long-Term Fire Retardant

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Purchase Options for PHOS-CHEK Fire Retardant Application





Given the limitations of standard wildfire insurance, taking proactive measures to defend your property is crucial. Enroll Now! Secure your spot and ensure your home receives the best possible protection during wildfire season.

Application for Estate Properties

$ 2497 You will receive:
  • Evaluation of your property's susceptibility to wildfire threats
  • Tailored strategies to help prevent wildfire damages
  • Application of up to 70 gallons of enduring fire retardant in your home's immediate zone

Custom Application for Larger Estates

$ Custom You will receive:
  • Evaluation of your property's susceptibility to wildfire threats
  • Tailored strategies to help prevent wildfire damages
  • Varies based on property requirements and size

Please note: Each property is unique and may require a different amount of fire retardant. We recommend consulting with our team to assess your property’s specific needs.

Our team of former firefighters provides a high-quality service that will protect your property. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Thanks for choosing our PHOS-CHEK Fire Retardant Application Service. Your safety is our priority!

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  • Step 3: In one easy visit, we’ll apply the long-term fire retardant, inspect your property, and provide you with information on how to make your property more wildfire resistant.

Experience the Ultimate Peace of Mind with Allied Disaster Defense's Expert Wildfire Assessments

Imagine resting easy, knowing that your home is protected by the best in the industry. At Allied Disaster Defense, we bring this comfort to you through our unrivaled wildfire assessment and defense services.

Our team comprises the true heroes of wildfire defense – former fire captains, engine bosses, and fire marshals. 

These extraordinary individuals have been at the heart of firefighting, guiding operations on the frontlines, strategizing under pressure, and leading teams in the harshest conditions. They’ve witnessed the might of wildfires firsthand and have dedicated their careers to safeguarding lives and properties against them.

Our experts can anticipate risks and provide detailed assessments that are not just based on hypotheses but on real-life experiences and data. We understand that no two properties are the same, and our team tailors each assessment to your unique home and its surrounding environment.

But our service continues beyond assessments. We transform our findings into actionable plans to bolster your home’s defense against wildfires. From recommending modifications to your home’s landscape and structure to devising evacuation procedures, we provide you with a comprehensive, personalized defense strategy.

Allied Disaster Defense is more than just a choice for superior wildfire assessments. It’s a choice for peace of mind. It’s the choice of partnering with a team of world-class experts who are as dedicated to protecting your home as you are. Our assessments and recommendations culminate with years of experience, advanced scientific understanding, and a steadfast commitment to your safety.

So, why wait? Begin your journey to a safer, wildfire-resilient home with us. Experience the peace of mind from knowing you’re protected by the very best.

Thank you for considering Allied Disaster Defense. We look forward to delivering exceptional protection to your home.

An Once of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Suppression When Fighting Fires

Long-term fire retardants contain retardant salts (usually fertilizers) that change the way fire burns, reducing fire intensity and limiting the spread of a fire even after the water in the retardants has evaporated. The goal of applying fire retardant to your property is to prevent the fire from getting close enough to your home. 

With a combination of applying fire retardant along with home hardening solutions, the chances of your home surviving the wildfires increases significantly.

Small changes to your home can reduce wildfire risk by up to 40%, and structural and vegetation improvements combined can lower wildfire risk by up to 75%. Furthermore, losses prevented can be much bigger (e.g. 5 times greater) when compared to a highly flammable environment.

Our team of experts can conduct a risk assessment to ensure your property is held at the highest standard from CALFire and the NFPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Fire Retardant last?

The Long Term Fire Retardant (LTR) will last throughout the rain season but generally half an inch of heavy rain is the standard of our retardant. This will need to be reapplied regularly for optimal use.

Is the Fire Retardant safe to use around vegetation?

Yes! The LTR is actually a fertilizer and safe to use around vegetation. 

Where do you spray the Fire Retardant?

Depending on your property, generally we want to spray the first 0-30 feet (the intermediate zone) of your home. With larger properties with a lot of vegetation, we recommend vegetation management and additional application of fire retardants up to 100 feet of the property.

Do you spray Fire Retardant onto the home itself?

We spray within the first 5 feet of the home onto any vegetation that may pose a threat. The home itself should be built with fire resistant material and other home hardening solutions like ember proof vent guards and gutter guards. We conduct a home risk assessment to provide you with the best plan of action all around.

Why is the Fire Retardant not pink like the ones dropped off airplanes?

The fire retardant we utilize is Phos Chek, which is the same ones dropped off the airplanes without the pink dye. The pink dye is for the fire fighting teams to see and locate which areas have fire retardants applied. If it was clear, the fire team will have a hard time distinguishing which areas have fire retardants applied. 

Can I water my plants when fire retardant is applied?

We recommend drip hoses or drip lines to water the roots without washing off the retardants.

What is defensible space?

Defensible space is a buffer between your home and the vegetation that surrounds it. This helps to slow or stop the spread of wildfire and provides firefighters a safe area to defend your home.

What is home hardening?

Flying embers from a wildfire can destroy homes up to a mile away. Home hardening is the process of protecting openings and using ember-resistant materials to increase the likelihood of survival when wildfire strikes.

How do I schedule an on-site assessment?

You can call us with the number on this website or fill out any form. Our team will then reach out to confirm a day and time our fire experts can conduct a risk assessment at your property. 

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