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What will you get with Wildfire Alerts

When a nearby wildfire is close to your property, we will notify you through email and text (if signed up) to let you know ahead of time to prepare to evacuate. Along with the notification, we will also offer reactive wildfire defense services for our clients.

  • Long-Term Fire Retardant
  • 0-5 Feet Clearance of Fire Hazard
  • Defensible Space

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Long-Term Fire Retardant

We utilize the same Fire Retardants used to fight wildfires as the ones dropped in the Fire Department’s airplanes (without the red dye). This gold standard fire retardant is safe and effective to apply to vegetation.

Defensible Space and 0-5 Feet Clearance

The distance between grass, shrubs, and trees is critical for preventing wildfires from spreading. This zone, which includes the area under and around all associated decks, has the strictest wildfire fuel reduction requirements. The ember-resistant zone is intended to prevent flames or embers from igniting things that could spread the fire throughout your home. 

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